Bowling Center
Even the little ones can roll strikes and
spares.  The alley is slightly inclined so that
toddlers can get a good shot at the pins.  
The bigger kids love to see the pins scatter
when they give the ball the right spin
Bubble Center
Combine exercise and fun at the Bubble
Center! The unique and original
Bubblecycles for big and small children
combine stationary exercise bikes and fans
to create more bubbles than the Lawrence
Welk Show! Keeps kids entertained and
fills the air with millions of soap bubbles
Basketball Center
Two  double-hoop basketball sets with
return chutes keep kids playing "horse"
with their friends and family. For the
younger ones, the original "Shape-Shot
Basketball" lets kids try their hand at a
unique skill-shot game with a quick and
easy return of lighter, easier to handle balls.
Beach Center
It's actually a sandbox, but it feels like a
day at the beach. Plenty of beach toys, a
hanging funnel and a lot of clean sand give
big and small kids a chance to exercise,
scoop, scrape and pour their imaginations.
Block Center
Build a castle, a house, a Taj Mahal or
anything the imagination can create. 200
hardwood blocks in 28 shapes along with
“Pipe Blocks“ to make you feel like a
plumber. We have four flat, colored block
decks on which to build and a sturdy
center in which to put the pipes.
Beautiful Center
We provide the paper, watercolor markers
and spinners so your kids can create a real
masterpiece! It's simple fun, but children
of all ages love to make a thing of beauty.   
They can draw too with the chalk and
chalkboard nearby.
Bean Bag Center
We provide beanbags and a target, your
kids and you provide the good arm and aim
to get the good shot! Includes ring-toss
with safety uprights.  
Blaster Center
Get ready for a blast!  By peddling the
Giggle Blaster you create a column of air
that supports up to four balls at a time and
that’s just the beginning!  You can push all
the balls through the “Peek-a-Boo Pipe”
and make the fabric flap so you can see the
dancing man.